• Visiting Taj Mahal
  • Visiting Taj Mahal
  • Visiting Taj Mahal
  • Visiting Taj Mahal
  • Visiting Taj Mahal

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour




13 Hours

Visiting Taj Mahal

13 hours


  • Taj Mahal, One of 7 wonders of the world
    Explore Agra fort , one of the historical forts in Agra
    Optional Visit to Fathepur Sikri

Visiting Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, a beauty among the 7 wonders of the world, is located in an Indian city named Agra. This white-marble wonder is built on the south bank of the river Yamuna. If visiting the Taj Mahal has been on your bucket list, then we can make this trip a memorable one for you. Who would have thought you could visit the Taj Mahal and explore nearby touristy places in just 1 day? It is possible now! 

We have planned a perfect itinerary for you and your family. Embrace this moment and know the eternal love story that led to building this gigantic wonder called the Taj Mahal!

Experience Indian Wonder, Taj Mahal At Its Best

This trip lets you experience the best of Agra city in just 13 hours. 

Your 13 Hour Itinerary

Delhi Hotel Pickup

We will provide you with a rental car from Delhi with a designated, responsible driver who’ll pick you up from your hotel. 

Many tourists wonder if they have to buy Taj Mahal tickets online! There is an option to get tickets online. However, we eliminate this tedious process by providing you with tickets for the Taj Mahal. You don’t have to buy the tickets online. 

First Stop, Your Destination

We’ll drive you directly to the Taj Mahal so you can soak in the beauty this place has to offer. Visiting Taj Mahal involves much more than just looking at it. You can hire a guide to know the local history and the story behind this amazing wonder. 

The Taj Mahal has roughly over 8 million visitors a year. It represents the rich Indian Muslim architecture and symbolizes India’s rich history.

The Taj Mahal: Facts and Construction

More than 10 years of hard work resulted in this extremely beautiful mausoleum made out of white marble. This beautiful structure is over 380 years old. Shah Jahan, a Mughal Emperor, built this structure in memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. 

Agra Fort

Post lunch, you’ll get to visit Agra Fort. This fort is different from the Red Fort and is well-maintained and easily accessible. This was built by Mughal rulers and is worth a visit while you are in Agra. 

Agra Fort, yet another architecture wonder by Mughal emperors of India, is a well-known tourist site in Agra city. It is built with red stones, hence the name. Agra Fort is also known as Lal–Qila, Fort Rouge, and Qila-i-Akbari. This structure represents the valor of brave soldiers, men, and women. 

Fathepur Sikri

Akbar, the emperor of the Mughal Dynasty, built Fathepur Sikri! This abandoned city is highly regarded as a historical city and has a lot to offer. This sits on a rocky ridge. You’d love to take a stroll around this city and we can help you with it.

This is an optional stop. After visiting all these places, we’ll drop you back carefully to your hotel in Delhi.

Perks of this trip:

Please note that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays. Plan your trip accordingly. We’d be happy to assist you with the planning and support throughout the trip. We believe that travel serves one main purpose, creating memories for life. Smile  Travels helps you achieve this!

If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. You can mail us at reservations@mysmiletravels.com or call us on 9999799028. 

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