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Inland Services

We believe that travel is all about having an authentic experience and we at Smile Travels go beyond bookings and tours.

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Hotel Accommodation

Our collection of hotels and resorts are as diverse as they are plenty. With upscale full-service facilities for the best reservation experience, we offer a wide range of hotels, apartments and villas to suit your mood or occasion, budget or locale.

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Sightseeing Tours

Discover destinations and explore more than places with our curated sightseeing tours. Tourist attractions include museums and art galleries, amusement parks, national and state parks, historical places, sporting events and festivals. We cover an unlimited range of tourist attractions and activities, located throughout the country.

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Group Tour

If you’re planning to travel for business or leisure, we curate tours to fit your specific priorities and interests. Our Tour Directors are exceptionally experienced, well trained, organized and knowledgeable. With the full services of your guide and dedicated driver, you’ll be able to enjoy comfort, care as well as privacy.

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Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures Something for the adrenaline junky and outdoor enthusiast inside every traveller. Forest camping, mountain hiking, water rafting or adventure trips, we organize safe and secure outdoor excursions and expeditions. With infinite options for activities to try, regions to explore and attractions to enjoy, you'll find something new wherever you go.

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Relaxation & Recreation

More and more tourists are taking holidays to recharge their batteries and de-stress. Yoga classes, meditation camps and spa treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind.

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We provide the most versatile cuisines and cater meal arrangements from business dinners to extravagant buffets. When it comes to travel, food is believed to rank alongside climate, accommodation, and scenery in importance to tourists. A La Carte meals or traditional local cuisine, Smile Travels strives to get the finest world flavors on your plate.

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Wedding & Events

We arrange wedding tours for tourists coming to India to have some glimpses of a traditional Indian wedding gala, which is more than a celebration of lifetime. Bride and bridegroom dressed in the traditional attires. Rituals in Indian marriage ceremony go out for 3-4 days and involve interesting events during the entire course. We arrange everything so that you can enjoy the celebration up to the most.